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Sublimation Printing

 Let's take a second to dig into sublimation printing, also know as dye-sub.  Sublimation uses heat and pressure to transfer an image from a printed sheet onto a fabric sub-straight (surface you print on).  Because sublimation printing is only compatible with 100% polyester garments you'll find it more commonly used in athletic applications like [...]

Sublimation Printing2018-08-04T01:16:54+00:00

Simulated Process Printing and CMYK Process Printing

Alright let's take a look at Simulated Process and CMYK screen-printing methods. To fully understand what they are and why they are so commonly used you must first understand that screen-printing has two major limitations when it comes to full color renderings. First let's just say that screen-printing is limited to 7-8 colors, our largest [...]

Simulated Process Printing and CMYK Process Printing2018-04-26T14:09:01+00:00

Embroidery Basics

Welcome to embroidery basics where we'll take a second to look at the sewout process from start to finish. First thing to take into consideration is the resolution limitations of embroidery. The smallest stitch is about 2 - 3 millimeters across or roughly the thickness of a penny and the longest stitch is about 7 [...]

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Screen Printing Basics

We know that the screen printing process can be hard to understand so we wanted to take a second and go over the key factors involved. All projects start at the art and garment, we need to discern what process would be ideal to render the screen stencils and to what material the print will be [...]

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